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Explore the historic village and get swept away by our remote beaches.
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Ocracoke lighthouse

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The Ocracoke lighthouse was constructed in 1823. It stands 75 feet tall and is 25 feet in diameter at the base. The present light equals 8,000 candle power and casts a light that can be seen up to 14 miles out to sea.

The lighthouse is maintained by the National Parks Service, Cape Hatteras National Seashore Division and has been since 1951. This is when the last keeper of the light passed away. Previously, the keepers maintained the tower, the grounds, and the keeper’s quarters that are located adjacent to the lighthouse.  

The lighthouse is not open for climbing, but the base of the lighthouse is open with limited hours during the summer months.

Pirate Legend

Ocracoke Inlet was the lair from which Blackbeard, the most infamous and colorful pirate of his day, sailed forth to ravage ships. Although Blackbeard was one of the fiercest pirates, he met his fate just off the southern sand flats near where the village stands today.

Lieutenant Robert Maynard, along with his British sailors, slew the formidable pirate and story has it, bore the pirate's head triumphantly ashore on the bowsprit of his sloop.

Blackbeard, Pirate historical drawing
Remote beaches of Ocracoke, NC

Natural Coastline

Ocracoke has more to offer than fascinating tales of piracy. Where else is there an inhabited island that boasts 16 miles of pristine ocean beach untouched by a single building? More than four-fifths of the island, including its entire Atlantic shoreline, is owned and protected by the National Park Service.

Ocracoke Village, nestled around its little fishing harbor in the southwest corner of the island, abounds with motels, shops, summer cottages, and restaurants. For nature lovers, Ocracoke provides the best of both worlds: unspoiled wilderness and comfortable lodgings.

Get Swept Away

Sightseeing is the number one reason for visiting Ocracoke. Tourists can explore the entire village in an afternoon.

Since Ocracoke is unconnected by any bridge or causeway to the mainland, visitors enjoy a scenic 70 minute ferry ride from the north or a 2 ½ hour ferry from the south.

Ocracoke lighthouse aerial view
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